About Anthony P. Griffin

Author Anthony P. Griffin's website represents the most recent additions to his volume of work which includes published articles, book contributions, short stories, and novels in the final stages of editing.

Anthony P. Griffin is a retired lawyer, a son of the South, a native Texan and a product of the public school system, attending public schools in Fort Worth and Baytown, Texas. He attended the University of Houston as an undergraduate student and obtained his law degree from the University’s Law Center. A lover of words and cultures, he appreciates his friends who share their cultures and worry about those who only share with those who look like them and who happen to be of the same flavor.

Anthony Griffin has been an active participant in the conspiracy to make the promised paperless revolution (a promise made during his youth) the unspoken lie. If you see in his writings references to his previous mistress (the law), this is unavoidable; this will slowly work out of his system – somewhat akin to a recovering addict. He promises to take it day to day.

When working as a lawyer, the accolades, honors and criticism have come from a multitude of groups, organizations and individuals - again, unavoidable in light of the positions taken during his years of practice.

A lover of foods and cultures, he has developed unique perspectives from his frequently “stranger than fiction” experiences which give him the ability to produce thought-provoking writings. To find out more, you must explore and read. As any good Southerner, who is appreciative of proper social graces, we thank you for your eyes, ears and thoughts. See more >