short stories by Anthony P. Griffin

February 2018

The Eulogy (Fiction)

The Eulogy

The morning sun was positioned in the eastern sky; peeking, warming, welcoming; slowly repositioning – barely perceptible - a reminder to move quickly, from cars into the sanctuary. Download full story.

November 2017

spooksville (Fiction)

Two Minutes

Spooksville - A short story. Ronald Petrie never understood the shock demonstrated by black folks when he never reacted to his name. He had seen the Dick Van Dyke Show in reruns, the show having run during his father's generation. Download full story.

February 2017

two minutes (Fiction)

Two Minutes

My family and friends call me Two Minutes. You read right, Two Minutes. The name stuck since age four, perhaps five. Download full story.

August 2016

kayla (Fiction)


Kayla - A Short Story. The first sign of a problem was a light situated to the right of the speedometer, shaped like a thunder-bolt, yellowish-orange, blinking slowly.. Download full story.

August 2016

The Day No One Laughed (Fiction)

The Day No One Laughed

The Day No One Laughed - A Short Story. Installment 3 in the continuing saga of our favorite comic, Jamaal Wedgeable; a short story which explores the work, misery, sorrow and pain of a working comic. Download full story.

March 2016

The Day Gossip Died (Fiction)

The Day Gossip Died

The Day Gossip Died - A Short Story. “There is no book on life, sometimes we get it right, other times not." Download full story.

October 2015

Dreamland (Fiction)


Dreamland - A Short Story - is appropriately titled. The short story is the byproduct of the author's dream; well one of his dreams. However, the time spent on dissecting and translating that dreamt took considerably more time than the dream itself. Download full story.

July 2015

Mary Patricia, Mary Patricia (Fiction)

Mary Patrcia, Mary Patricia

Mary Patricia, Mary Patricia is the author’s first attempt at applying his years of observation of the law’s tentacles in a short story context. Or stated another way – how the bewildering and entangling web oft-times grabs even the best intentioned of us. Download full story.

March 2015

Singing in the vowel of “a” (the Non-Fiction version)

Me No Want

This piece is the non-fiction version of the story, except Billy Paul didn’t bless us with his presence and I’m sure Dolores Huerta was busy convincing others “they could” … or better stated, ‘Yes we can.”.Download full story.

December 2014

i have never been to IHOP (Fiction)

Me No Want

Sometimes our isolation is our own, other times imposed. I Have Never Been to IHOP - a short story explores what "I have never been to I-Hop" actually means. Download full story.

November 2014

Me No Want (Fiction)

A Reunion; a wedding

Jamaal Wedgeable was introduced in Speaking of Race, Speaking of Sex, Henry Louis Gates, et al., New York University Press, 1996, The First Amendment and the Art of Storytelling. “Me No Want” witnesses Wedgeable’s invective reaction to a proposed new game show to be written and hosted by Wedgeable – forever the comic. Download full story.

October 2014

A Reunion; a wedding (Fiction)

Singing in the vowel of

Bilal’s plan included having both a wedding and reunion on the same weekend – however death was not anticipated. Bilal’s well-laid plan goes awry. Download full story